Hate Plus demands 3 days of your life

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hate plus
Analogue: A Hate Story was one of the most incredible games I played last year. It was moving, engaging and even a little educational, and I was ecstatic when I knew a sequel was in the works. I’m even happier to say that Hate Plus, the sequel, is now available. There’s a whole new story awaiting us with the AIs *Hyun-ae and *Mute ready to help us uncover more secrets behind the Mugunghwa and the degradation of life onboard the ship.

For those who didn’t play the first game, let me catch you up. A ship called the Mugunghwa disappeared into space, and its entire crew was wiped out. *Hyun-ae and *Mute were two AIs on the ship, and the player in the first game was tasked with finding out what happened on the generation ship. Naturally, he/she did, and depending on the ending, gained an AI sidekick in the process. You don’t have to have played the original to enjoy Hate Plus, but it helps.

Hate Plus picks up on the three day journey the player is taking back to Earth, to deliver the information on what happened on the Mugunghwa. However, this journey isn’t uneventful. The old version of *Mute happens to have all the information leading up to the fall of the Mugunghwa, which lead to the the society to regress back to the Joseon Dynasty social mores, which stated that. “Men are honoured, women are abased.” Which means players spend three real days going through the visual novel, making choices and performing an all-new investigation. It’s much cooler than it sounds.

You may want to also watch the Hate Plus trailer. Or at least listen to it, as it has an awesome theme song called “It’s Not Ero!!” used in it.

As usual with Steam, Hate Plus is temporarily on sale to celebrate its launch. If you buy now, you can get it for $8.99 instead of $9.99. Trust me when I say that Christine Love’s visual novels are quite the experience and they’re worth every penny. I picked up the first installment, Analogue: A Hate Story during the last Steam Winter Sale and have to say that while it was a fantastic deal at the time (I think it was about 50% off), it would have been more than worth the $9.99 standard price. Or, if you’d rather wait, GamerTell will have a review up later this week. I’m also live-tweeting a bit of my playthrough right now, starting with this tweet.

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