Android Amusements: Let’s Create! Pottery

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lets create potteryToday’s Android Amusements is going to be a wild ride. See, I decided to grab Let’s Create! Pottery. Now that I have a Nexus 7, I figured I wanted to take advantage of having a “good” tablet and play some popular games I may have missed. I had been playing Let’s Create! Pottery Lite, the free version, for about a week, so I decided I’d go ahead and take the plunge on the $4.99 Let’s Pottery! Create full version.

What a mistake that was, because the game sucked me in, and then it died.

It started out pretty awesome. Let’s Pottery! Create is a pottery game that’s actually fun to play. You “throw” a pot on the wheel and touch the clay with your fingers to make the pot taller, shorter, fatter and thinner. It’s then fired in a kiln, and finally decorated with purchased designs, paints and accessories. After it’s completed, players can take a picture and/or share it online, then either send it in to fulfill a request or sell it in a virtual auction for coins.

It’s the quest aspect of Let’s Pottery! Create that got me. Sometimes, players receive emails with a picture of a vase, pot, amphora or so on that a person would like recreated. It’s then up to the player to use all of his or her skills to come as close to the right shape and design as possible. Only a finished product that has at least a four out of five star rating in one aspect and three out of five in the other will meet the requirements and earn extra cash that can be used in the in-game shop to purchase extra paint, brush designs or accessories.

And before you even ask, yes. Let’s Pottery! Create does have in-app purchases. I didn’t look at the prices for any, because I was going to investigate that as I wrote up this article today, but there are extra packs that add new paint colors, brush designs and accessories.

I was also going to get some screenshots of pots I had made in Let’s Pottery! Create. But I can’t. Because the game stopped working, and all I have is the one test photograph at the top of the page that I took in the game when I was messing around with a new Egyptian design and seeing how the feature worked.

Let me say that again. The Android game, on which I spent $4.99, stopped working. Keep in mind that Infinite Dreams is supposed to be a “Top Developer,” I’m on a Nexus 7 and that $4.99 is considered kind of pricey when it comes to Android apps, and you can see why I’m a bit perturbed.

Factor in that, once I was forced to uninstall and reinstall the game to actually play it again, my save data was lost, and you can see why this troubles me.

The Let’s Pottery! Create crisis came out of nowhere. I was playing it on the Nexus 7 last night, even, completing a request for a Native American replica pot from some guy. I managed to get four stars on both the pot’s shape and it’s design, so I was pretty psyched, but I had Hate Plus to play, so I put it aside. I figured I’d get the images for this article in the morning.

Except this morning came and Let’s Pottery! Create wouldn’t load. It was stuck on the opening icon showing Infinite Dreams’ logo. I sent an error report to Google. Turned the Nexus 7 off and on again. Restarted. It got stuck on the loading screen again. I was trapped in a vicious cycle. I figured I’d try uninstalling and reinstalling, so I went into Settings. I chose to uninstall, taking care not to hit the Clear data or Clear cache in the hopes that, when I reinstalled moments later, my save data would still be there.

But it wasn’t. I was back at the very beginning. All of the designs and paints I had spent the last three days earning were gone. And I’m afraid to get invested again, because I fear this is only going to happen again. It happened once, after all, so there’s probably some flaw.

So my advice readers is to go ahead and play Let’s Create! Pottery, but only the free Lite version. Don’t let yourself be lured in by the promise of quests, pot galleries and more decorative items. It isn’t worth the heartache when the app stops working and you have to restart from the very beginning. Android Amusements is never about “traditional” reviews, but if I were going to assign a grade, it wouldn’t be a good one.

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