Gamescom 2013: Hurray for Peggle 2!

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peggle 2
Now this is the kind of Gamescom 2013 announcement I was hoping to see! PopCap and EA are putting the finishing touches on Peggle 2. I’m so excited. I own the original game on like, four different platforms. You don’t know the depths of my love for it. It’s scary. And now, we’re going to be getting even more of it.

Sure, those of us not planning to buy a Xbox One will have to wait a bit longer for Peggle 2, since EA announced it’s a Xbox One launch game, but still. I don’t care. The fact that more Peggle exists is enough to make my day.

Do you want to see a gameplay trailer? I think we really need to see a gameplay trailer.

Oh yeah. That’s the stuff. But wait, who’s that unicorn? You know, this guy.

peggle 2

That’s not my Bjorn! Oh no! I mean, I’m okay with the idea of new Peggle Masters popping up in Peggle 2. I expect it, even. But it just seems wrong to plop in a new unicorn who also has Super Guide as a power. Besides, he doesn’t look quite right, but maybe that makes it better that this doesn’t seem to be Bjorn. I’d hate to think he transformed into that over the years.

Anyways, Peggle 2 is currently slated as a Xbox One exclusive. A PC version hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m positive it will be happening. PopCap was famous for porting its games to every possible platform before it hooked up with EA, and we know EA loves money. There’s no way it’s anything other than a timed exclusive. The rest of us will probably just have to wait a few months, enviously eying the Xbox One owners who get to enjoy it in November 2013. It’ll come to us soon enough, I’m sure. (It better!)

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