Gamescom 2013: PS4 launch date is November 15, 2013

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amazon ps4 launch bundleThe Gamescom 2013 announcement gamers have been waiting for is here! We had heard that Sony was planning a PlayStation 4 release date announcement, and it was true. The PS4 launch date is Novembr 15, 2013 in North America. The European launch date is a few days later on November 29, 2013. Within the span of about two weeks, two major regions will get their PS4s. A Japanese release date was not mentioned.

This fortuitous PS4 release date announcement came during the 2013 Gamescom Sony press conference, naturally. I know it’s odd to be hearing all these announcements now, when the event doesn’t really kick off until August 21, 2013, but that’s the way it goes. Prices for the two launch regions mentioned were also made available, with the system confirmed to be $399 in North America and £349 /€399 in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Sony also offered some interesting numbers during the announcement. We don’t know exactly how many systems will be available on the PS4 launch date, though that would have been awesome, but we do know that over one million PS4s have been pre-ordered around the world as of the press conference. That’s a pretty impressive number.

Also, the PS4 will be available in 32 territories when it launches in November 2013. That beats out the Xbox One, which will only be available in 21 territories when it is available.

So, who’s excited? I’m excited! I’m getting a PS4 at launch, so it’s really nice to finally know when the PS4 launch date actually is!

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