Gamescom 2013: PlayStation Vita is now $199 with more affordable memory cards

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PS Vita

During Sony’s press conference at Gamescom 2013, the company announced the first ever PlayStation Vita price drop. Effectively immediately, the Vita will now cost $199. This brings it in line with all the sales we’ve been seeing at various retailers in the past weeks. Sony also reduced the price of the Vita’s proprietary memory cards. Unfortunately, Sony didn’t give the new prices for the memory cards during the announcement.

Sony’s online store still shows the 32GB card for $100 and the 16GB card for $60. It’s still more expensive to buy directly from Sony than from somewhere like Amazon. The new Vita price on the other hand has appeared on the Sony site.

We’ll keep an eye for when the new prices are revealed and will bring you more Sony news from Gamescom.

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