League of Legends accounts compromised, credit card data at risk

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leagueoflegends-brolaf-640wIf you are one of the millions playing League of Legends, check your account info now. Riot Games released a statement saying that hackers have accessed its player data. Usernames, email addresses, salted password hashes as well as first and last names were accessed. Hackers also got encrypted credit card data used in 2011. Hashing is an algorithm used to make passwords harder to crack. Salts randomize hashes by adding random strings.

Riot said the password files were unreadable, but customers with easily guessed passwords could be in danger. Players with North American accounts will be required to change their passwords. Riot is also instituting email verification and two-factor authentication. You don’t need to wait for the prompt, you can change your password immediately. And you should.

An investigation into around 120,000 transactions from 2011 using stolen credit card numbers is still ongoing. Riot changed its payment processing method since 2011, and hasn’t stored any data using the same method. If you have any questions about your account, contact Riot player support.

Security experts recommend never using the same password more than once. You should also use combinations of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and different punctuation. Every time one of these databases gets compromised (and it happens way more often than any of us should be comfortable with) we see the same passwords. They include things such as 12345, password and letmein. These are all bad. It is an absolute hassle to go through all this. People, including those that don’t think they’re “into computers,” often have as many as 50 passwords to remember. Between banking, shopping, social media and things you signed up for just to get a coupon, they quickly add up.

League of Legends is the most popular game in the multiplayer online battle arena genre. Being on top has its downsides, such as becoming more of a target for hackers.

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