Playing Disney Infinity through the eyes of an adult

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Disney Infinity

I’m 27 years old, I don’t have any kids and I bought Disney Infinity on launch day. Despite the fact that this game is an obvious money pit, I still jumped in based on hopeful nostalgia and raw curiosity. I know this is a game for kids, but there are plenty of adults just like me who will buy this game for themselves. The question is whether Disney Infinity can keep an adult’s attention through interesting gameplay. That’s what I want to talk about now.

My biggest concern going into this game was whether it was going to become very repetitive early on. After all, Disney surely didn’t want Avalanche creating a game that would be too challenging for its core audience. In the time I spent with the game, I will say it’s a bit grindy, and missions are usually quick to complete. You’ll always be running around on fetch quests, performing an action three times in a row or doing something as simple as pushing a single button . It’s fitting for a kid, but for an adult, the desire for something more substantial is hard to ignore. On the plus side, the game does try to keep things interesting by giving you access to new tools in the Toy Store.

The Toy Store is an in-game store within each playset that contains items you need and may want. For example, in The Incredibles playset, Mr. Incredible’s car is the first thing you can purchase from the Toy Store. From that point on, you can drive his car around the city instead of traveling on foot. You’ll also get access to a glider, the Incredicopter and a hoverboard. I like how these items shake things up a bit, but the missions themselves are still kind of mundane. As an adult, the main thing that propels me forward is the promise of finding more unlockables for the Toy Box mode.

The Toy Box is what will give this game an extended life. Being able to create my own Disney-inspired world that’s filled with things that I found in the playsets is a rewarding experience. Just the other day, I decided to create my first world. My plan was to direct visitors past my lush vegetation to the Cave of Wonders. I built a wall around the cave to prevent people from seeing what was on the other side. When they exited the cave, they would be in a totally different world that was going to be filled with things I didn’t even think of at the time. Unfortunately my world was wiped out due to the corruption bug, but you can see how my imagination started to run wild.

I think that’s what it all boils down to for the solitary adult. Yes I think the figures look great (though overpriced),  and the playsets are fun to an extent, but all this funnels right back into the Toy Box. The worlds created by Disney and the community are going to keep bringing us back for more. The upcoming playsets and individual character packs are also going to make sure things don’t get too stale too quickly. Personally, I’m drawn to the possibilities of what could be. I compelled to create my own sense of nostalgia that the current playsets don’t currently offer someone my age. This, along with my collector tendencies, is why I play Disney Infinity.

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  • Jon Elhai

    My son wants to know if you know. Why when he places the cave of wonders against a wall, why it doesn’t make a cave.