Skylanders SWAP Force introduces Boom Jet, Grilla Drilla, Slobber Tooth and Zoo Lou

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skylanders swap force figures gamescom 2013
Gamescom 2013 is eventful for fans of Skylanders, the other NFC game debuting this year, because Activision decided to use the limelight to introduce four new Skylanders SWAP Force characters to the series. Particularly notable is the fact that the cluster of four characters consists of both standard and SWAP Force characters.

The four new Skylanders SWAP Force characters are, from left to right, Boom Jet, Grilla Drilla, Slobber Tooth and Zoo Lou. The first two are the SWAP Force characters, which means thet can be split in the center and have their tops and bottom swapped with other characters. The other two are just plain old Skylanders, which means they’re still cool, but you can’t pull them apart to combine them with other characters to make new characters.

Well, I suppose you could pull them apart, but that just means you’d be breaking a perfectly good figure.

So here’s what you have to look forward to, when it comes to the latest Skylanders SWAP Force crew. Boom Jet is an Air Skylander, and a former sky surfer who decided to become give up flighty dreams when The Darkness destroyed his hometown. Grilla Drilla is a Drilla Empire guard who’s also a Life Skylander. He saved the Drilla King from trolls, and went on to become a hero after. Slobber Tooth is an Earth Skylander that Kaos attempted to recruit into his army, but he refused and joined Master Eon instead. Finally, Zoo Lou is a Life Skylander shaman, who was brought into the fold by fellow Skylander Double Trouble.

So there you go. Memorize those faces up there, because those are some of the Skylanders SWAP Force characters you’ll be looking for later this year. I think I like Boom Jet best out of this cluster.

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