Gamescom 2013: Buzz about Titanfall continues

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Titanfall2Call of Duty is the hottest franchise going in gaming. Is there a chance anybody could challenge, even the men that created it? Well, just throwing out ideas, but maybe you could put giant robots in it. As crazy as that sounds, that’s what happened with Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. GamerTell first got a look at E3 2013.

Shooters are fun but tend to have a high learning curve. Learning the tactics, the maps and everything else can be intimidating for newer players. What Respawn wanted to do was give players a means to last a little longer on the battlefield. That’s where the Titans, 24-foot mechs, come in. These giant mechanical beasts give staying power to your in-game avatar, at the cost of mobility. Really, you’re at the controls of a metal behemoth. Wanting to move fast too would just be greedy.

The other in-game group are Pilots, who come equipped with all sorts of tech to make this a fair fight. Their Jump Jets allow them to get quickly around the battlefield.  They can go places Titans can’t, so the element of surprise is in their favor. It’s harder to sneak around when you’re 24-feet tall.

Titanfall picked up more than 60 awards at E3, and is earning those same accolades at Gamescom 2013. There’s crazy wall running shenanigans, David vs. Goliath battles and I feel compelled to mention the giant robots again. Respawn developer Drew McCoy told Joystiq Titans are not killstreaks. Every objective you complete brings you closer to earning one. He promises everyone will get one. If  only Santa could make such promises, I’d still believe. But that guy couldn’t even muster Castlevania II. Not that I’m bitter, mind you. I’m calling in a Titan, and if it ends up at the North Pole, my bad.

This game is coming to the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in 2014.

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