Gamescom 2013: New CryEngine tech looks amazing

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This upcoming console generation already has loads of prime tech and improved engines, but there is never anything wrong with having a few more show up for the party. Crytek recently reveiled a trailer yesterday at Gamescom 2013, showcasing some of the new power behind its trademark engine, CryEngine.

The trailer shows off some impressive visuals in its demonstration. Shading and textures look incredible and detailed. Anyone who has seen the Ryse gameplay demo will recognize some of the footage from the beginning cutscene. Here we see how the engine’s ability to create complex simulations creates one superb and realistic ship crash with sails detaching and ropes snapping. Some excellent physics also show loose objects flying from the ship as it’s brought to a sudden halt.

The remainder of the demo shows off some of the engines capabilities in creating authentic cinematics and even its smooth manneguin animations. Along with this CryEngine can generate a variety of different geometries to create the perfect shapes you need. The trailer show’s off the various layers of polygons on a head of the Statue of Liberty. Eyes, crown and facial features all come together to make one realistic looking head of Lady Liberty.

The most feature being added to CryEngine is its weather system. Not only does it look beautiful visually it also reacts realistically. Puddles form as the reain crashes to the ground, but  as the sun and clear skies return players will notice these puddles slowly evaporate over time.

CryEngine is a completely new engine version like Unreal 4 and Frosbite 3, and these new editions to CryEngine look to add more depth to the already powerful engine. And having already seen some of it in action it definitely looks like it will be able to compete with the rest of this generation’s engines. To see the full demo in action you can check out the trailer here.

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