Candy Crush Saga Android and iOS incarnations pass 400 level mark

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If you’re one of those people who paid to play Candy Crush Saga, shelling out real cash for in-game items so you could finally beat the game and get that sugary-sweet, match-3 monkey off your back, you probably shouldn’t read this. King did something you aren’t going to like. It just updated the Android and iOS version of the game. And this isn’t an ordinary, bug-fix update. It’s a level update.

Candy Crush Saga on mobile devices now goes up to level 410. It hasn’t caught up to the Facebook incarnation yet, which is at 455 levels, but it’s getting there. This latest level upgrade is due to an addition called Polka Palooza. Not that the name of the new episode matters. No matter how you look at it, it’s more Candy Crush Crack.

In case you’re wondering what this means, let me fill you in. The prior Candy Crush Saga update added Licorice Tower to the game, bringing the Android and iOS level count up to 395. Polka Palooza goes and adds 14 more, bursting past the 400 level mark. Which is why I bothered to report this. 400 levels is really quite a milestone.

I mean, I’ve played Candy Crush Saga. I know how it works and what it’s like. With 410 levels, it’s entirely possible to be occupied for at least a year, provided you never actually pay to play. Once you get past the level 50 point, it can take at least two tries to clear a level. So yes, it’s a devious beast, but it is one that will keep a player occupied for a good amount of time for free.

Though, I suppose King shouldn’t get too much applause for passing 400 levels in the mobile versions of Candy Crush Saga. At the rate this game is going, it’ll probably pass 500 levels by the end of 2013.

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  • trisha neuner

    Is level 400 bugged for mobile phones?? Only walkthrus I’ve seen are for computer players. The colours needed for a freckled candy conveniently fall down for them. Almost ready to give up.

  • Brittney

    I’ve only been playing for two months I’m at 412 on fb but I can’t go past 410 on my phone ack going crazy here would like to finish the game by the end of the month. I have yet to buy anything or use any cheats

  • Crysta

    I have a iPad and have beat level 410 on candy crush. How lond will it be before the iPad updates to other levels. I can go to my pc but rather play it here. Thanks in advance

  • Candy Crusher

    Well they also have the dreamworld levels now ( 65 levels ) and they are even harder than the normal levels… Even if you paid, you will still have a long way to crush the candies :-)