Ric Flair acknowledges trouble from WWE 2K14 interview

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wwe-logoGamerTell previously told you a SummerSlam weekend WWE 2K14  panel discussion got out of hand during SummerSlam weekend, thanks to a very drunk Ric Flair and Jim Ross not seeming too stable either.

Ross has denied he was inebriated both on his Twitter feed and in interviews. There was no denying Flair’s intoxication. In a podcast with fellow wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin, Flair admitted WWE brass was none too happy with him.

The “Nature Boy” said he was told to entertain, and that’s what he did. He confirmed reports that 2K Sports was fine the panel, and that all the heat he got came from WWE officials. They pulled him from another promotional event for the game scheduled later in the day.

“I guess we just drifted and told stories and they wanted the focus of everything to be about the game,” Flair said.

I’d imagine they didn’t care for profanity-laced locker room stories when the current wrestling project bills itself as PG. The 16-time champion dominated the last half-hour of the press conference and there was both emotion and entertainment. It was hard not to tear up when he talked about attending his son’s funeral. Reid Flair died of a drug overdose in March.

The champ said he took off his Hall of Fame ring and placed it on Reid’s hand before they closed the casket. Later, WWE gave him another ring with his son’s name engraved on it. No one wanted to be the guy to interrupt Ric, because he’s an icon and because of the rough time he’s going through. But I would defy anyone who started watching the presentation halfway through to figure out it was about WWE 2K14.

If it wasn’t somebody’s job to be keeping an eye on Flair, it should be. I’m not sure how well they articulated to the wrestlers exactly what they were supposed to be doing out there. Many current WWE superstars play video games, they have an annual tournament with the latest wrestling game. I’m not sure what the video game experience of the wrestlers on that panel was. Jim Ross began by welcoming viewers on streaming service Twitch, then adding he didn’t know what Twitch was. He asked if anyone else did. It didn’t set the stage for a particularly savvy discussion of the latest gaming trends.

The good news is that there was little harm done to WWE and 2K Sports’ working relationship. This year’s 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode will challenge players to relive the greatest moments in wrestling history. The game releases Oct. 29, 2013 on PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

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