Total War: Rome 2 getting more content in October

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total-war-rome-2We’re inching ever closer to the Sept. 3 release date for Total War: Rome 2. Now Creative Assembly is telling us what the future will hold for its version of Ancient Rome. The Nomadic Tribes Cultural pack features the Royal Scythians, Roxolani and Massagetae factions. That DLC will be paid, but no price has been announced yet.  The Seleucid Empire will be free DLC, and all this content will arrive by October.

Those who pre-order will get the Greek States Culture pack for free. It includes Epirus, Athens and Sparta as playable factions. The Pontus faction will be playable for free on Day 1 too. These factions each get their own units, win conditions and tech trees. Sparta is designed as a challenge for veteran players. The release promises advanced players will have their hands full restoring the city to its former glory. Remember to kick people into pits while doing so.

Designers released a video of them playing. There will be an ELO ranking system for multiplayer, and hitting quick match will select an opponent for you based on that rating. That way if you are just starting, you don’t get matched against someone who plays like an actual Roman general.

Creative Assembly said players can expect regular free content and feature updates.  They will include new playable factions and units, gameplay and aesthetic changes and new story-based campaign missions. Strategy buffs have good reason to be excited. The Total War series has been consistently excellent, whether it is chronicling the battles of Napoleon, Japanese shogun or Ancient Rome.

This latest game isn’t just blood and guts, either. The era was full of backstabbing and political infighting. To survive here, you’ll need to not only be a military genius but a political animal. The houses in the senate will have their own plans and goals. Are they necessarily better for Rome and its people? Maybe not, but you still have to deal with them.  Some may raise their own armies and attempt to take you down by force. Can you rule Rome from the inside and expand its reach to the far corners of the earth? Total War: Rome 2 marches on its enemies Oct. 13.

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