The 2DS is ridiculous

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2ds boxWhat the hell, Nintendo? No, seriously, what is wrong with you. Look at that monstrosity of a 2DS at the right. Just look at it. Do you honestly think this is a good idea? Do you really think people want a 3DS model like this? No. No they do not. I’m one of said people, and I can see right now that this is a bad idea. It’s such a bad idea, that it has to be capitalized. This is a Very Bad Idea.

I mean, just look at it. The 2DS is a block. I’d say it’s an unwieldly brick, but a brick is more portable than this. The whole idea of a handheld system is to have something you can easily carry with you. There is no way carrying this is easy. We don’t know the exact dimensions, but even if it’s the size of a standard 3DS, it’s going to be beyond difficult to carry. I mean, we know that at one part, near the upper screen, it’s almost an inch thick. It’s bulkier and bigger than a tablet. This isn’t going in anyone’s purse or backpack.

If someone did, by some miracle, decide to take a 2DS with them somewhere, then I’m positive the battery will be run down by the time they get where they’re going. Look at the button arrangement. It has the same kind of power button as a 3DS XL, which means you hold it for a second, and the 3DS turns on. If a 2DS is in a purse or backpack, I guarantee that button’s getting pushed all the time. Really, all the time. Even if you put it in a soft carrying case. Heaven forbid you get a hard carrying case for it, because then it will need it’s own strap.

2dsThen, there’s the 2DS’ button arrangement in relation to the touch pad. I’m a big fan of the 3DS and 3DS XL button placement. I wasn’t initially, as I would have preferred the circle pad below the D-pad, but I adjusted. It worked well, because I could shift my right hand from the action buttons to the touchpad while playing, without really looking. Here, the touch pad is too far removed from the actual buttons. I get the impression that it would only be comfortable to play games that either only use the touch pad, or only use the action buttons with the 2DS layout.

That isn’t even getting into the shoulder buttons. Do you see where they are on the 2DS? They’re in the upper right and left hand corners. Except it looks like this system is meant to be held in the center, with your thumbs on the circle pad and action button. Because this is shaped like a square, and your hands are at about the center, your index fingers are directly behind your thumbs. Which means you have to stretch them all the way up to the upper corners of the 2DS, probably even taking your thumbs off of the directional pads and action buttons, to press triggers. The whole idea of shoulder buttons is to have immediate, easy access to them while you play. I can’t even imagine how troublesome it would be to play a shooter on the 2DS.

Of course, this is all nothing compared to another 2DS issue. It seems like it isn’t designed to be a handheld. There are videos showing 2DS units lying on a table, and they don’t lie flat like a tablet. They lie down at an angle. The bottom base of the 2DS is about a centimeter off of the surface, while the top appears to be about an inch higher than the rest of the system. It’s like Nintendo designed it as a system you plop down on a table and play, rather than comfortably hold in your hands. Good luck playing Kid Icarus: Uprising on this.

The price is an issue as well. $129.99 isn’t a bad discount, but I have some bad news for you. I see used 3DS systems at local stores, like Disc Replay, Half Price Books and independent game shops, for $129.99. Now, I’m just a gamer whose been playing Nintendo handhelds since the original Game Boy brick. I’m not sure how valuable my insight is. If it were me, I’d buy a used 3DS in a heartbeat, rather than a new 2DS. No, that’s a bit of a lie. If it were me, I’d go ahead and chip in the extra $40 or $70, get a new 3DS or 3DS XL, and then just turn the 3D effects off.

In short, I hate the 2DS. I think it’s a ridiculous, needless system that looks terrible and defies the whole idea of handheld gaming. It’s a joke of a 3DS variation, and Nintendo is making a huge mistake with it. I pity any children whose foolish parents get them a 2DS this holiday season, thinking it’s a better idea than a 3DS. The 2DS is horribly designed and shouldn’t exist.

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  • Jon

    I’m surprised that you didn’t point out that fact that without the clam shell design, you’ll like need to double the spending on screen protectors since even cases designed specifically for the handheld will like end up scratching both screens.

    There’s also this fact. Something like this would’ve been a good starting point to start transitioning into what the 3DS is. Doing it this late in the game just makes it seem like they’re trying to abandon a good idea without fully abandoning it.