Toys R Us is holding a Disney Infinity Power Disc trading event

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Disney Infinity Power Discs

Are you looking for a way to offload some of your duplicate Disney Infinity Power Discs? If so you might want to go to Toys R Us on September 7. Toys R Us will hold a Disney Infinity Power Disc trading event on that day from 12pm 2pm. Anyone six years old and up are welcome to come into the store and mingle with their fellow traders. Toys R Us is also selling the Tron Power Disc during the event. It’ll come in a blind bag like all the others.

There are also a couple sales going on this week for Disney Infinity stuff at Toys R Us. You can buy two Power Disc packs for $6. Considering these packs have a suggested retail price of $4.99 each, this is a bargain. You can also buy two single figures for $20. Again, this is a good deal because single figures sell for $14 each. This sale also includes the Toys R Us-exclusive Crystal Lightning McQueen figure.


Source [Toys R Us]

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