Keiji Inafune and Comcept kickstart Mega Man-inspired Mighty No 9

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mighty no 9
Let’s talk about a Keiji Inafune game starring a heroic robot, who goes through six stages fighting other robots, to acquire their abilities and save the world. It sounds like Mega Man, but it isn’t Mega Man. It’s Mighty No 9. Inafune and Comcept has decided to make the modern day, 2D Mega Man style game we’ve always wanted, minus Mega Man.

Mighty No 9 stars Beck the robot. There were 9 super powerful, Mighty No robots created, and he’s number nine. Unfortunately, he’s also the only one of said robots to not go completely bonkers. A virus hit the rest, making them a threat to world peace. Fortunately, Beck is strong enough to stand up against them.

As Beck goes through the six levels, he’ll face the other robots and their minions. The other robots can be challenged in any order, and once Beck has beaten them, he can acquire their powers. Not only that, he can also steal xel from regular enemies, storing it to eventually use Mighty Skills in special situations. So Beck can steal his enemies powers, change his own shape and look, and get energy from regular foes for special attacks.

The Mighty No 9 Kickstarter is in place to help make the game happen. It launched yesterday on August 31, 2013, and ends October 1, 2013. The initial goal is $900,000, with any additional money going to stretch goals for this Windows game. Stretch goals, however, could add a number of highly desirable extras. For example, reaching $1,200,000 will bring the stage count up to 8. Getting to $1,350,00 guarantees Mac and Linux ports. The biggest goal is currently $2,500,000, and will result in PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U ports of Mighty No 9.

If you’re interested in Mighty No 9, $20 is a safe amount to donate. That gets you a copy of the final game, as well as the ability to participate in special polls and surveys to determine how the final game will work. For example, the first poll will ask Kickstarter supporters to vote on what Beck’s partner, Call, will look like. If you have enough money to burn though, you could also kick in $9,999 to get all non-limited rewards, a 3D printed Mighty No 9 boss model, boss concept art and a limited edition t-shirt identical to the ones given to PAX Prime 2013, save for a Mighty No 1-8 on it. $10,000 gets you dinner with Keiji Inafune and all non-limited rewards, though you will have to pay to get to Tokyo to attend.

Site [Mighty No 9 on Kickstarter]

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