PAX Prime 2013: Watch a Mew-genics trailer, get it stuck in your head

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mew-genics comicTeam Meat was at PAX Prime 2013 and they were all about the cats. I mean, they’re working on Mew-Genics right now, so you had to figure their booth would be kitty-fied. If you stopped by, you were in for a treat. You could pick up a free Mew-Genic comic, see the trailer, see the first playable build, and take a picture of yourself in a cat standout.

While some of the Mew-Genics experience is limited to PAX Prime 2013, most of it can be experienced from your own home. Sure, you can’t get a picture of your face coming out of a cartoon cat’s behind, but you can see or get ahold of the other items.

For example, a highlight of PAX Prime 2013 was seeing the new Mew-Genics trailer. This teaser is what you’ll see when you fire up the game, so prepare yourself. It’s a little crude, and a lot catchy.

The other Mew-Genics PAX Prime 2013 exclusive is the aforementioned comic book. While you can’t get that for free online, you can order it. You can get 3 copies for $20, or one single copy, signed by Edmund McMillan, for $10. It’s 28 pages, in black and white, and is filled with comics and activities.

Mew-Genics is a cat raising simulator that will be coming to iOS devices and PCs in 2014. Until then, we’ll just have to make due with trailers and screenshots while we wait for the chance to raise our own, strange cats.

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