The fake Nintendo 1DS is more appealing than the real 2DS

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Last week Nintendo made a bold move by announcing the next system in their hand-held line: the Nintendo 2DS. This, of course, caused a collective WTF to ripple throughout the gaming community and the internet as a whole. This slab-like monstrosity has been touted by the big N as a device geared towards a younger demographic with the removal of 3D functionality and the arguably more child-friendly design. Today, however, marks the reveal of Nintendo’s “next big idea”: the Nintendo 1DS.

Earlier today Nintendo Life reported on the discovery of, an authentic looking website that appears to be the product page of an official Nintendo device. Clearly this is a joke; the URL of the website in question gives that away, as does the asterisk next to the $99.99 price tag that clearly says “Not actually a real device or price. See dreams for details.” The jokester(s) went so far as to reproduce the exact look of Nintendo’s official website with functional links that actually direct you to their corresponding page on The fake handheld is best described as a 2DS with the top screen removed; it doesn’t actually claim to play one dimensional games, which would be literally impossible. It does however, play all 3DS games in glorious 2D as well as “most” DS games.

nintendo 1ds tv

By now, you’re probably wondering how games designed around the use of two screens can possibly be played with only one. That’s a good question and fake-Nintendo’s got the answer. You see, rather than lugging all the extra weight of a second screen around with you, you’re given the option to connect the device to your smartphone or TV for use as the primary screen. The system sports a dock to securely hold your smartphone for bluetooth connectivity, as well as an HDMI dongle to plug into any TV; it will also work with Android 4.0+ and iOS 7+. Sounds pretty neat, huh?

Personally, I find this to be a pretty funny joke, even though I’m not all that opinionated on the 2DS one way or the other. Ironically though, this fake hand-held appeals to me more than Nintendo’s actual 2DS, since I’m of the opinion that there should be a way for me to play my handheld games on my television while in the comfort of my own home, so I’d welcome any device that allowed me to do just that. Plus, this kind of system might not be such a farfetched idea in regard to mobility. One of the reasons the 3DS and Vita are garnering such lukewarm sales, is due to the revolution of the smartphone. Phones these days are capable of playing pretty innovative and graphically intense games anyway—and generally at a much lower price point—so why would you bother carrying around a dedicated gaming machine if you already have a smartphone capable of that and so much more?

nintendo 1ds smartphone

If Nintendo were to release such a system, smartphone gamers might just be willing to fork out the money for a platform that works in tandem with their current hardware; especially if this add-on featured a slim design that doubled as a protective case for their phone. There would also be the benefit of having dedicated controls for compatible Android or iOS games in conjunction with classic Nintendo properties. So, yeah; I guess I’d be pretty stoked if this were an actual Nintendo product. Of course, it’s not and I can’t see Nintendo releasing something like this anytime soon; though I’d be first in line if they did.

Source [Nintendo Life]

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