TGS 2013: PlayStation press conference will be streamed with subtitles

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playstation ps4 launch bundleDo you know what’s next week? The 2013 Tokyo Game Show! It’s a big deal, wait, no, it’s a Big Deal. We’re going to see lots of major game announcements, probably mostly for Sony and Nintendo platforms and, if we’re lucky, many of them will get worldwide releases. The big news, however, is that Sony will stream its TGS 2013 PlayStation press conference with English subtitles.

That’s pretty big news. I mean, it’s not unheard of for TGS press conferences to get streamed online as they happen, but for the TGS 2013 PlayStation press conference to be streaming on the PlayStation Blog, with English subtitles as it happens, is pretty huge. Typically, if something like that does happen, it isn’t going on live when the conference runs. It’s a translation that shows up online later.

But no, we’ll see all the PlayStation news from TGS 2013 as it happens. That can only mean one thing. Sony is planning on making some worldwide announcements. It’ll probably be PS4 news and announcements that impact everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was mostly about games we’ll be seeing throughout 2013 and 2014, but maybe there’ll be some other system updates as well. I mean, we have heard rumors about Sony working on an Oculus Rift style headset for the PS4.

Still, the TGS 2013 PlayStation press conference is big news. It’s happening September 9, 2013 at 3pm JST, which is equivalent to 2am EST/1am CST/11pm PST. Which means if you want to know what’s what, you’re going to have to be awake pretty early.

Or, you could just be here. I’m planning on watching the TGS 2013 PlayStation press conference when it’s aired on the PlayStation Blog, because I’ll probably be up that late anyway. I’ll give you a summary of everything that happened, so when you wake up at a decent time, maybe 7 or 8am, you can see all the information here, waiting for you.

Source [PlayStation Europe on Twitter]

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