We’ll invest the Pokemon Bank

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pokemon bank

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced something unexpected. The unveiled the Pokemon Bank. It’s a cloud based storage system for Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White on. Basically, it takes the Pokemon Storage System we know from within the game, makes it real, and expects 3DS owners to pay for the honor of using the service.

People are going to do it.

Sure, it sounds crazy. Paying a yearly fee to keep your favorite Pokemon in the what is the Pokemon Bank’s equivalent of of a safety deposit box. 3,000 of your pretties will always be waiting for you, no matter which game you play.

It’s ingenious, really. Especially if Nintendo prices it right. Maybe if it’s something like $4.99 a year. $9.99 at most. People store their beloved Pokemon once they’re done with a game, then come back and withdraw, maybe even add to a collection when a new installment comes along.

The free trial will lure us in to the Pokemon Bank. We’ll see how easy, how effortless it is to rescue our pets from Pokemon Black, White, Black Version 2, and White Version 2 and bring them into Pokemon X and Y. Sure, some will only use it until time is up, but the rest of us, die-hards like me, will keep at it.

I imagine those who obsess over IVs and DVs will take to it most. These serious breeders can devote whole boxes in their Pokemon Bank accounts to the finest breeding stock, can sort their eggs and hatchlings. They can keep track of generations throughout game generations.

Still, the Pokemon Bank has other promising applications. Nintendo has said it will work with future Pokemon games. Rumors suggest Pokken Fighters could be a Pokemon fighting game for the Wii U. What if Nintendo decided to make a Pokemon Colosseum game for the Wii U? Maybe even, one magical, legendary day, a Pokemon MMO would be announced. If any of these potential Pokemon games came to be, and used the Pokemon Bank, people would be rising to create accounts.

The way I see it, the Pokemon Bank has nothing but potential. Even if it only works with main Pokemon entries. Even if it costs as much as $10 a year, its a winning idea. Anyone who can be relied upon to buy every new Pokemon will at least think of and consider getting a Pokemon Bank account, and the way I see it, that’s half the battle.

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  • rooislangwtf

    They said the cost is 500 yen a year so that will be about $5. I may actually get it especially for $5 in pocket change a year.