TGS 2013: Vita gets Phantasy Star Nova, Soul Sacrifice Delta

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phantasy star novaThe Vita may not have Monster Hunter, but it certainly has enough Monster Hunter clones! Sony’s TGS 2013 press conference revealed two more Vita games that follow that formula. In 2014, the system will be getting Soul Sacrifice Delta and Phantasy Star Nova.

Let’s go through these two game announcements alphabetically. Phantasy Star Nova is an all new, offline, Phantasy Star adventure from Sega and tri-Ace. It will be out sometime in 2014, and will basically offer a sci-fi, Monster Hunter style, mission-based RPG experience.

Players will create a hunter and go on missions for the guild. They’ll be able to join up with up to three friends to tackle monstrous foes. Since it’s an offline game, it will likely have a bit more story than a typical Phantasy Star Online game. It was only brought up briefly during Sony’s press conference though, so we’ll have to wait until TGS officially starts later this week for more information.

soul sacrifice delta vitaSoul Sacrifice Delta should look familiar, as it’s an updated, rerelease of the original Soul Sacrifice. A sequel to Soul Sacrifice is in development, but I suppose this is designed to keep us busy in the meantime.

There are major changes to the game this time around, however. In addition to new spells, equipment, monsters and quests, there will be a whole new path. The original Soul Sacrifice had players choosing to save or sacrifice allies and foes, resulting in salvation and sacrifice endings. Soul Sacrifice Delta will apparently have salvation, sacrifice and neutral endings.

Both Phantasy Star Nova and Soul Sacrifice Delta will be released in 2014. It sounds like Soul Sacrifice Delta will be out first, as it has a definite March 2014 launch window, as Sega’s only said sometime in 2014 for its Phantasy Star game. I’m fairly confident we’ll see both games released outside Japan, though I have a feeling Soul Sacrifice Delta is probably more of a sure bet than Phantasy Star Nova.

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