GDC Next adds three more interesting panels

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Though only announced last year, the Game Developers Conference Next (GDC Next) has been building steam and creating enough sessions to keep developers busy for the three days they’ll be there in November. Just this Monday, three new panels were announced, and it looks like they’ll be the ones everyone wants to see.

To no surprise, one of the first panels involves the Xbox One and its use of the built in Kinect, called “The Next Generation of Kinect.” The main speaker will be Microsoft senior software engineer Claude Marais and will cover how the hardware and software works with the latest version of the Kinect. Developers will also get a glimpse at what they can do in regards to programming and design with the Kinect’s natural user input.

Another panel will be on the growing popularity of eSports. Several noteworthy DJs, announcers and developers behind some of the biggest competitive games will convene to discuss how its increased popularity has led the sport into a more professional realm.

The last panel that was announced, “Going from AAA to Indie: New Studio Founders Share Their Experience”, will involve a panel of former AAA developers who have gone into the independent gaming scene. These include Robert Zubek from Zynga games now at Somasim and Damian Isla, a former Bungie employee now working for Moonshot games. The panel will discuss how these former mainstream game developers have dealt with the switch to indie games. In particular, they will look at how to fund a new independent studio and examining how new trends will effect the future of the indie gaming scene.

At the moment there are no specified dates for each panel in the November 5-7 time frame of the conference. Expect to see the dates for these panels soon. It will also be taking place in the Los Angeles Convention Center alongside the App Developers Conference (ADC), so be sure to check out those panels as well. In the meantime you can take a look at GDC Next Session Scheduler to see the other panels happening at both conferences.

These three new panels are already adding to the long list of stuff to see, but it is all building up to GDC Next’s mission statement about the future of video games. With a new generation on rise, it will be exciting to see what that future has to offer.



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