Patapon – Siege of Wow is a clear ripoff of Sony’s PSP franchise

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Patapon - Siege of Wow

Every now and then, games appear in the Apple App Store that are destined to be removed due to some kind of copyright violation. I think Patapon – Siege of Wow is one of those games. It was released today for $2.99 and is sold by Beijing Q&D Technology Co. It’s unlikely Sony gave this company permission to create and sell this game. Before it inevitably gets removed from the store, let’s go over this game’s App Store description.

If you weren’t already familiar with Patapon, chances are you still won’t have a clue what’s going on after reading the description. Here’s a taste of that.

“battle rhythm of the music: create a style of music rhythm combat system, giving you unprecedented new combat experience”

“Super Meng small PON: super super cute little affinity with PON, and you communicate in real time adventure, so enjoyment.”

A user review for this game says the text is all in Chinese. Unless you know the language, you won’t understand how to do anything. There’s also a $0.99 in-app purchase for “Diamond 10.” I’m not sure what it does, but it’s probably nothing good (or fair).

This game does make me want a new Patapon game though. Get on that Sony.

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