Card Hunter joins the ranks of addictive free-to-play offerings

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Card HunterMove over Candy Crush Saga, there is a new freemium juggernaut. Card Hunter is a project from Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield and Irrational Games’ co-founder Jonathan Chey. It’s a hybrid of collectible card gaming, roleplaying and board gaming. You choose characters from the typical fantasy archetypes of wizard, warrior and cleric and begin dungeon crawling. The nerdy DM Gary and his overbearing brother Melvin form a little story arc, along with a pizza delivery girl he has a crush on. During one scene Karen asks what they’re all doing in the basement, and Gary unconvincingly tells her they’re lifting weights. Melvin is the know-it-all whose life worth amounts to his exaggerated skill as a DM. He cares far more for the “power” he wields than whether anyone is having fun. But this game is so well designed not even he can spoil the fun.

The whole game evokes the feeling of those late night D&D sessions. The currency for those who wish to invest money is pizza slices. Thankfully, I found the game enjoyable without ever spending a dime.  There’s a club you can join that earns you more loot. When you open a chest after a dungeon, it shows you the goodie you would have unlocked if you were a club member. I’ve encountered no “hard sell” through several days of playing. I may still invest in a paid membership because playing it for completely free seems almost like stealing with the fun I’m having.

Items equipped by your characters essentially make a deck of cards as you would see in games such as Magic. As you level up, defeat more enemies and get more loot you unlock more and better cards. The adventures still give you plenty of reason to use older cards and mix things up. There are different races to play as, and their inherent abilities further allow character customization. Gamers that love any of the genres represented here should absolutely give this one a try. Its depth and strategy surpasses many of the full budget titles we come across.

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