Here are the Pokemon Gotta Catch Em All codes (update 2)

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pokemon gotta catch em all codesOkay, so the “big” Pokemon Gotta Catch Em All contest was pretty anticlimactic. Still, collecting all those codes to get things like wallpapers, ringtones, alert sounds and such could be fun. I mean, why not give in and grab some freebies while we wait for Pokemon X and Y.

The thing is, searching for all the Pokemon Gotta Catch Em All codes could be pretty tedious. Especially looking for entry codes. It’s tedious. So, I’m helping you out. I’m on the prowl, scouring Twitter and the internet for codes. I’ll post them here, so all you’ll have to do is copy, paste and enter them at the Gotta Catch Em All website. Sound good? Of course it does.

First, here’s a code that’s taken right from the Gotta Catch Em All official rules PDF. You can enter this one once a week, every week, to get one entry in the weekly prize drawing. Here it is: “XY738A”

And, here are the codes for digital rewards and unlocking pokemon that we’ve seen so far. Naturally, it will be updated as more codes are found.

  • X9K3 for Malamar
  • X3K5 for Chespin
  • Y8P4 for Pancham
  • X4Q8 for Dedenne
  • Y2P6 for Noivern
  • X7Q5 for Honedge
  • x7c9 for Helioptile
  • X3F2 for Pangoro
  • Y6J5 for Sylveon
  • Y4L6 for Skrelp
  • X8G5 for Inkay
  • Y3S7 for Skiddo
  • X5H8 for Fennekin
  • X5W8 for Fletching
  • X2R4 for Bunnelby
  • Y8H7 for Yveltal
  • Y9D8 for Gogoat
  • X8T9 for Litleo
  • Y5B6 for Spritzee
  • X5T3 for Swirlix
  • X6P4 for Froakie
  • Y6V8 for Talonflame
  • X4C7 for Clauncher
  • X7M4 for Xerneas

Each Gotta Catch Em All code earns you an entry into the contest, as well as a media download, so go ahead and enter them all.

Okay, so maybe this whole Gotta Catch Em All thing is more fun than it sounded. I’m especially pleased with the ringtones and alert sounds. Some of the wallpapers are even pretty neat too. The only thing I’m not really happy about getting are the codes for booster packs for the online card game.

Editor’s Note: The Trainer Tips pokeball has to be revealed first, for codes to work. Also, some codes are reportedly not working for some people. I used a fake email address to try all of these codes at the official Gotta Catch Em All website, and was able to unlock all of the pokemon with them.

Site [Gotta Catch Em All]

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  1. The Dedenne and Pangoro codes are wrong. ^^ Thanks so much for the list BTW.

  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but Dedenne and Pangoro aren’t working for me. :) Just so you know. *goes searching for Pangoro since it has a hint*

  3. The Dedenne code does not work.

    Someone in particular
    • That one I did mistype originally, but it is fixed now. :D

      Jenni Lada
  4. Litleo and Clauncher doesnt work for me for some reason. Anybody knows why?

  5. What is the real code for Pangoro? I’m not sure if that is it’s name but it is the one below bunnelby and in between Sylveon and Helioptile

  6. Some of the codes didnt work when i entered them, like the one for dendenne, fletchling, yveltal and others :(

  7. I’ve been entering some codes and most of them say that it doesn’t exist? Xerneas, Skiddo and Yveltal are some of the codes that “do not exist”. Help anyone?!

    Codes Not Working?
  8. Alot of these say “The specified code does not exist”. To be more specific, the codes for Xerneas, Froakie, Litleo, Yveltal, Bunnelby, Fennekin, Skiddo, Skrelp, Sylveon, and Helioptile.

    Any idea of what to do?

    Aidan H
    • It seems some people do have problems with some codes. I tried all of the ones above and was able to unlock all the pokemon with them. Perhaps try again?

      Jenni Lada
  9. Just saying, it seems like not all of these codes work.

  10. Some of them dont seems to work (e.g. Xerneas, Skiddo)

    • It seems that there’s a situation where the codes work for some people, but not all. Maybe try reentering them later? I tried all of the above does myself, and they do work. (I did have a mistype in Dedenne’s code, originally, though.)

      Jenni Lada
  11. Hey man, a bunch of your codes didn’t work for me. Only about 13 worked. Any idea why?

    • I have no idea why. I entered all of the codes above at the website (using a fake email address, since I can’t enter), and all of them worked.

      Jenni Lada
  12. Dedenne code did not work

    • I’ve fixed the Dedenne code, so go ahead and give it another try. :D

      Jenni Lada
  13. neither did helioptile, Pangoro, sylveon, skrelp, skiddo, Fenniken, Fletchling, Bunnelby, Yveltal, Litleo, Froakie, or Xerneas.

  14. Hi, some of the codes are saying “The specified code does not exist.” The pokemon whose codes aren’t working;

    Dedenne, Helioptile, Pangoro, Sylveon, Skrelp, Fennekin, Fletching, Bunnelby, Yveltal, Litleo, Froakie and Xerneas.

  15. Not all of the codes work at least two of them you can use now should work but they don’t

    James Davies
  16. since some of these codes are not working for some people, might I then suggest the places to find the codes be posted as well, cause some of the codes are not working for me either

    name unimportant
  17. The Pangoro code is wrong. The correct code is “Y3F2″, not “X3F2″.

  18. Several of the codes don’t work


    Bobby Mayer
  19. Found some codes

    Fennikin: xd7gp7nf
    Xerneas: XG9X4WNJ
    Yveltal: YN4YWDR9
    Helioptile: X3G7T3DC

    Bobby Mayer
    • where did you get this???

      Raul Feraud
  20. If you find the other ones that arent working please post them here, i’m having no luck.

  21. It looks like they changed the codes up on us. Thank you Bobby! These ones worked!
    Now to find the last two from this release.

  22. Why do these say I’ve already entered them if I haven’t?

  23. I’ve been having the same problems as you ad those codes work for me. Why is it soo selective O.o


  25. two more codes

    Bunnelby: XFRGD4KH

    Fletchling: XN4YWDR9

  26. You know, I’m not that surprised they switched the codes. After all, the codes for all of them were leaked on day two or three anyways via Twitter. Also, it would be way too easy to guess the four-letter alphanumeric codes with a simple bot. I guess I’m just surprised they didn’t do this to us sooner.

    Jennifer E.
  27. Got Skiddo from craveonline: YCGNFWC6

  28. What is Skiddos new code??? I tried to figure out hint but I still cant find it!

  29. I found them in comments of a YouTube video on this

    Bobby Mayer
  30. It’s not working. Where’d you get the code?

    Bobby Mayer
  31. None of the codes work for me i have pkmn y