“Big” Pokemon news is a Gotta Catch ‘Em All contest

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Well, I kept refreshing the official Pokemon Twitter feed today for nothing. On Saturday, there was an announcement that there would be “big news” for Pokemon fans today at 8am PST. Which made people think it had something to do with Pokemon X and Y, or maybe even with that rumored Pokken Fighters Wii U game. I mean, it seemed plausible. TGS 2013 is coming up, so there’d be a game announcement today, and we’d see all the footage on Thursday and Friday.

Except it’s not, because the “big Pokemon announcement” is a Gotta Catch ‘Em All contest. Well, a contest and a “Catchatronic” remix of the original “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” Pokemon anime theme song. Still, it doesn’t matter. The real news is terribly anticlimactic. The idea is you watch the new video, to get an unlock code to enter the contest website.

If you don’t wanna watch it, then all you need to do to get into the Pokemon Gotta Catch ‘Em All contest website is enter “XY1012″ at the official Gotta Catch Em All webpage. Once you provide your birthdate and some other registration details, you’re all set to start opening pokeballs and attempting to win Pokemon X and Y related toys, games, and accessories, as well as a chance to even win a 3DS.

Not that the initial entrance code gets you anything. To open pokeballs and enter the Gotta Catch ‘Em All contest, you have to find codes to enter at the website. These will be hidden online on websites and such between now and October 12, 2013. Supposedly, checking the #GottaCatchXY hashtag helps, and I have to say that’s true. It seems like everyone is sharing codes on Twitter that unlock various pokemon. That was fast.

So there you go. If you’re interested in winning stuff, you can take part in Gotta Catch Em All. If you were hoping for major announcements, you’re better off turning the computer off and waiting for TGS 2013.

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