GTA V iFruit app finally delivers custom cars to connected games

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GTA V Los Santos Customs

Rockstar released a couple companion apps for GTA V this week. One of them was just a digital manual, but the iFruit application actually had an effect on the game. This app lets you customize your in-game license plate, trick out your car and train Chop the dog. Unfortunately, the app started having problem right from the start. It would constantly log you out and behaved as if you’ve never played any of the minigames before. Custom cars also weren’t being delivered. If you’ve experienced this, boot up GTA V when you can to see if your custom car has been delivered. I got an in-game alert last night, and I wouldn’t think I’m the only one who did.

My car came with all the free customizations I applied in the app including my “SOTHPAW” license plate. It was delivered to Franklin’s home since that’s the only character’s car I customized with the app. I’d imagine the same process is true for Trevor and Michael’s cars as well.

Once I got my car, I checked to see if photos taken with the game’s various smartphone cameras would upload to the Rockstar Games Social Club. The upload errors I had gotten 15 minutes earlier were gone. It seems Rockstar has made a lot of progress ironing out the online bugs within the past few days. Get out there and take some selfies!

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