Marvel Heroes Offers Pirate Deadpool For A Limited Time

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pirate deadpoolMarvel Heroes is a Diablo-style MMO featuring the good and bad guys from the famous comic universe. Players can get missions from Nick Fury, journey to Asgard with Thor and try to survive Hell’s Kitchen with Daredevil. International Talk Like a Pirate Day was Sept. 19th, and that’s not the sort of thing Deadpool is going to miss. In celebration, the game is offering up a Pirate Deadpool costume. It’s not just a palette swap, either. There’s pirate specific dialogue from the Merc with a Mouth, possibly worth the price by itself. It’s available for half off in the store through Monday, Sept. 23. Arrgh, maties! What a deal for ye scurvy scallawags!

Speaking of new costumes, Emma Frost’s Marvel Now duds are available  – well, now. After the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, Cyclops and Emma Frost created a new mutant resistance. The black costume is for shadow ops, and also because the former “White Queen” has changed her outlook. As her enemies can tell you, it was not exactly rosy to begin with.

Chase costumes are on sale too. Captain America’s Earth X, Jean Grey’s White Phoenix of the Crown and even Spider-Man as the Amazing Bag-Man are some of the threads you can pick up for reduced cost.

Not all of this week’s changes are cosmetic. X-Defense is a brand new game mode that, as you might imagine, involves the X-Men. It’s a survival mode that features a progressively stronger bunch of enemies attacking Professor Xavier’s mansion. Defeat superhuman enemies, protect the school’s students and earn better loot the longer you can remain standing. That building is always under attack. I’m starting to think it’s not just a “school for the gifted.”

Marvel Heroes is completely free to play, so if you love superheroes give it a shot. Be sure to talk like a pirate in the chat rooms!

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