Gods and Monsters: Magic goes Greco-Roman with Theros

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MTG TherosMagic: The Gathering’s worlds feature fantasy creatures and wizards, but its faraway lands often have familiar themes. The Innistrad block, for example, focused on Victorian-era horror beasts such as vampires and werewolves. Kamigawa featured Japanese mythology, and its mechanics included things such as bushido and ninjitsu.

Next up is a setting based on Greek and Roman mythology, complete with gods not afraid to get their hands dirty in combat. Ladies and gentlemen, this – is – Theros!

Greek mythology is defined by its brave warriors, and one of the mechanics on center stage is called Heroic. When you cast a spell on these creatures, they gain a benefit in addition to whatever the spell does.


MTG Fabled Hero

Fabled Hero is ready to throw the beatdown on any ugly, multiple-headed monster that comes its way. The 249-card set contains a few cards that target multiple creatures, so armies can get large quickly. Line up with your shields side-by-side.

For a hero to cement his legacy, he needs a monster to fight. They’re easy to find in this realm. The Monstrosity mechanic takes a beast already big enough to be a problem and makes it the kind of creature they write epics about. Enter a really big hydra, because it’s not a good story until one of them shows up:

MTG Polukranos

Tick-tock. If you don’t address a monster’s presence on the board, it is only going to get bigger. Then it’s really going to ruin your board with an effect such as this guy’s creature killing tricks. As I mentioned, the gods of Theros will make their presence known as well. They are indestructible (being gods and all) and can grant some powerful bonuses to the entire team.

MTG Purphoros

This set looks like a whole lot of fun.  It’s the first in this block, the two others will be Born of the Gods and Journey Into Nyx. The set releases Sept. 27, with launch weekend festivities Sept. 27-29. For online players, it’s coming Oct. 7. Will you battle your foes as a hero, a god or a monster?

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  • Jon

    Note, since you brought up indestructible, doesn’t necessarily mean unkillable. Counterspells when it comes into play, weakening spells that reduce defense down to or below 0, area effect and removal spells can be effective if I remember correctly. Indestructible just means that it can’t be directly targeted for destruction spells. So, much like a lot of mythology, the gods aren’t immortal. Just harder to kill.