5 Things Missing from the Metal Gear timeline

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Metal-Gear-Solid-VI’m a Metal Gear fan. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited for Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain. It will be covering another part of the history of the series that has only, at best, only existed in referential treatment.

The excitement of looking forward to MGS V gotten me wondering. When are all of the things that have been only referenced in the past MGS games going to be addressed? While MGS V, MGS III: Snake Eater and the portable MGS games have covered some of the events Big Boss’s life, the rest followed either Raiden or Solid Snake in a manner that built up a remarkably complex, yet incomplete, storyline. I started thinking about additional moments that would make great games.

So, here are some Metal Gear Solid stories that might make some pretty interesting installments.

Formation of the Philosophers and the Philosopher’s Legacy

This is something of a driving force for pretty much the entire series, as the Philosophers and the Legacy were essentially the groundwork that would lead to Patriots. Without the Philosophers being formed or the Legacy being created after World War I, there likely wouldn’t have been a Cobra Unit, which probably would not have created the Boss. Without the search for the Legacy, the Boss wouldn’t have defected with the Cobra Unit, which would not have led to Naked Snake becoming Big Boss. Without everything that happens within Big Boss’s life, including the things taking place in and in between Portable Ops, Peace Walker and Phantom Pain, there would be no FOXHOUND, clones of Big Boss, PMC’s and any number of the other things that popped up in Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty or Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Yes, this is a remarkably detail-less overview, but to do a full overview, that would take a long time to lay out the details of just the nearly 50 years of Philosophers influence.

The rise of the Boss and Cobra Unit

This plotline could be a series of games unto itself. Again, something that is only treated through reference, this and the missions of the Cobra Unit are events that are also pivotal in the creation of the rest of the series, at least if you look at in-game chronology instead of game release chronology. For example, without the rise of the Boss and the Cobra Unit, there likely wouldn’t have been the eventual formation of FOX or FOXHOUND. Also, the relationship between The Boss and The Sorrow probably wouldn’t have happened either. Without that relationship, Revolver Ocelot wouldn’t have been born, which wouldn’t have created the rivalry between Ocelot and Big Boss, work with Liquid and Solidus Snake and work against Solid Snake. And without the birth of Ocelot, there wouldn’t have been the threat to his life which forced his mother to kill his father two years before the events of Snake Eater. Even just the mission where The Boss kills The Sorrow would be an interesting storyline to explore in-depth as, much like the events of Snake Eater, it would more strongly develop the characters and their devotion not only to their family and their country, but also to the mission. But these are just some examples of things that can be covered.

Ocelot between Snake Eater and Phantom Pain

There’s a lot of material here. I mean there’s the mission he had during Portable Ops that led to the death of the Director of Central Intelligence and the formation of the Patriots. But even that only takes place about six years after Snake EaterPhantom Pain, or at least part of it, is going to be taking place in 1980s, so 20 years give or take some change after Snake Eater. So, he probably did a lot. There are references to him being involved in various African wars and the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. The latter is why he gained the nickname “Shalashaska.” So it would be interesting to what Ocelot was doing during Peace Walkers and between the prologue and actual events of Phantom Pain after Big Boss wakes up from his nine year coma.

How did Roy Campbell get captured or get involved in FOXHOUND

Early on in Portable Ops, you meet Roy Campbell, in a former Soviet, captured by FOX, Latin American military base. Let’s face it. Halo Reach showed that the end of canonical entries definitely doesn’t need to be success, even if the cost is remarkably. A Metal Gear game could operate off the same logic. Most, if not, all of Campbell’s Green Beret squad were wiped out and he was captured in events that happened with Portable Ops. If he had not gone through that, Big Boss wouldn’t have met him, which would’ve meant that Campbell wouldn’t eventually work with Snake and you can already see how this is shaping up in terms of the logic. For that matter, it would’ve been interesting to see how his Delta Force years after Portable Ops led to him eventually getting in FOXHOUND. He’s important because he actually shows and shows up in multiple franchise installments playing either a support, advisory or leadership role. It would be good to see that come to light.

Solidus and Jack the Ripper

In Sons of Liberty, Raiden and Solidus are shown to have a rather complex history. Namely, Raiden/Jack was a part of the child soldier unit that Solidus created. It would be interesting to see the story a bit more of a direct point of view like Solidus or Jack, especially since it kind of mirrors the general relationship between Boss and Big Boss or Big Boss and Solid Snake. It’s a repetitive plot point, but it is one of the overall themes of the general series. Specifically, regardless of how much many things change, history seems to repeat just with new contexts. The series does have a bit of a motif that plays around with such quotes like “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” or the Mark Twain quote “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” While it would be absolutely horrifying to see and interact directly with such topics like child soldiers through play, a proper story could give context that a lot of people don’t have regarding the real world issue of child soldiers while also getting them to care about the real issue.

While there is more, this is a pretty sizable list already. I mean technically, we are talking about a franchise whose story does, at least through reference, span almost an entire century from the rise of the Philosophers to Guns of the Patriots. There is a lot of ground to cover and build up. It doesn’t necessarily need to be built up through games either. With the new LA Kojima Productions studio, there’s the possibility that Kojima Productions might either try to work on more games to try to expand the series or possibly push towards transmedia, which could be helpful in filling out the world and series arc more. As I said, it doesn’t necessarily need to be games. There’s a lot of room to maneuver across media that can create a richer and more fulfilled Metal Gear story and world arc.

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