2013 Target gift cards have bean bag game attached

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2013 target gift card bean bag gamesTarget has an awesome habit of having unusual gift cards. Every year, there are unique Target gift cards that are more than just a means of giving someone the gift of whatever they want for between $5 and $1,000. Sometimes there are building blocks. Others have toy planes. The 2013 Target gift card has bean bag games.

As you can see from the image at the right, the Target gift card has a box attached to it. Inside is four bean bags and four games. There’s Skee Bagz, Hungry Dog, Hoop Der It Is, and Dartin’ Around. The only difference between the games is the appearance of the boards. Skee Bagz has a Skee Ball motif, Hungry Dog has a dog clown with its mouth open, Hoop Der It Is looks like a basketball hoop, and Darting Around looks like there are balloons on a dart board.

The Target gift card with bean bag toss games is available in stores and online. If you’re just in it for the collectible and knowledge you have the card, you can grab one for $5. As I mentioned earlier though, up to $1,000 can be loaded on one of these cards, in case you’re feeling especially generous. The bean bag toss game detaches, naturally, so someone can use the card and not have to worry about giving up the cute gift attached.

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