Batman: Arkham Origins season pass gets affordable price

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Batman_Arkham_Origins logoWe still have a month until Batman: Arkham Origins comes out on October 25, but the extra content is already being made available at launch.

As soon as you pick up the game you can immeadiately get hold of Batman: Arkham Origins season pass for all five DLC at a nice $19.99 price. The value of all five would be around $30 typically, but you’ll be saving a nice $10 for the worthwhile content. You’ll get a hold of several skin packs, most of which will be for The Dark Knight, but some will be for his ever loyal sidekick, Robin. Two of the packs will feature a plethora of different outfits for Batman. ‘The New Millenium’ pack and the ‘Infinite Earth’ skins pack will feature a vast array of costumes from the heroes history. There will also be two skins exclusive to the season pass. The ‘Brightest Day Batman Skin’ and the ‘Gotham By Gaslight Skin’ will be made available for those buying the season pass.

Now this season pass won’t be just a bunch of skins and cool outfits, there will also be some challenge maps and a whole new story line to playthrough. The challenge maps will have you taking control of Bruce Wayne in his training with his teacher Kirigi before he returns to Gotham to become the Batman. It’s nice to see this added touch shows some real loyalty to ‘The Man Who Falls’ comic storyline. It probably won’t be 100% accurate, but it’s nice to see some of Bruce Wayne’s pre-history come into play. The new story DLC at the moment remains a mystery, so we can only speculate what it will be about. It may add some more story to how things segway into the Batman: Arkham City storyline.

October 25 seems far away right now, but all this extra content and its affordable price will make the wait worthwhile for Batman: Arkham Origins.

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