Mega Bloks Call of Duty Drone Attack Review

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Call of Duty drone attack

Drone Attack is one of two $9.99 construction sets in Mega Bloks’ new Call of Duty line. It’s priced so low because you get less stuff in the box. There are 95 pieces included which make up the A.G.R. (Autonomous Ground Robot) from Black Ops II and a nameless soldier. Though he may be generic, this soldier appears to be unique to this set. This set as a whole isn’t particularly thrilling, but what’s here is well done. Let’s start things off by going over the A.G.R.

The A.G.R.


I actually liked the A.G.R. build more than I thought I would. It’s made up of some common pieces, and isn’t challenging at all to build. It’s a fairly accurate representation of the A.G.R. featured in the game. The left side of the robot features rockets, and the right side contains a couple machine guns. The rockets are just there for display because they don’t launch. I didn’t mind that at all, but I did mind how flimsy the tips of the rockets are. The white rocket tips don’t connect to their bases well. A slight knock with your finger will cause them to go tumbling off. Because of this, I recommend not maneuvering the rockets towards the ground. It’s best if they stayed centered or were pointed towards the sky.

One thing I really did like about this build is the way the treads work. They’re made of rubber and need to be stretched across the four wheels on each side. Since the treads don’t fit tightly around the wheels, you have to put pressure on the A.G.R. in order for the wheels to catch the tread. This makes the A.G.R. feel weighted and slow. That’s great because it’s not terribly fast in the game either. The moving treads also make a crackly/grumbly noise that I enjoy.

The Micro Action Figure

drone fig

The micro action figure in the Drone Attack set is not based on a specific character from the Call of Duty games. However, he maintains all the wonderful articulation and customization options the other figures offer. This figure in particular comes with a vest, grenade, knife and a customizable weapon. As with all the other figures, every single piece can be swapped and combined to make a soldier that is uniquely yours. The paint on the figure is sharp, and colors don’t bleed onto each other.


The question you have to ask yourself with this set is whether or not your car about having the A.G.R. If you really just want the figure, it’s more economical if you purchase one of the Care Package sets once they’re released for $14.99. Those come with five micro action figures and some accessories. It’s definitely the better value for just getting figures.

Check out our video below for an in-depth look at this set.

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