PSA: GTA Online opens tomorrow

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gta online
Time for a public service announcement for gamers? Sure, let’s go! October 1, 2013 is a Big Day for those of us in the gaming world, as it marks the launch of GTA Online. (Unless you’re in Australia, as there it’s October 2.) GTA Online‘s the online component of Grand Theft Auto V , and means the time to create a custom hoodlum and explore Los Santos is nearly upon us. Specially, it starts 7am PST, 9am CST, and 10am EST.

RockStar will kick off GTA Online by releasing a small GTA V patch that will allow access to the online multiplayer. Once installed, pressing down on the directional pad will take you to the character customization screen. Once a character has been put together, you show up in Los Santos.

It won’t be a perfect transition from GTA V to GTA Online though. Rockstar Games has already said that people should expect a bumpy first few days with the online component, as it learns to deal with the demand and discover what bugs and glitches need to be fixed. Still, you’ll have a chance to get started.

When you do, be aware there are a few things to keep in mind as you begin GTA Online. First, don’t be afraid to temporarily turn on Passive Mode. That’s a mode for the online that keeps people from shooting you, while also keeping you from shooting them. You know, in case you get online and accidentally run into a band of gun-happy players.

Also, your money from GTA V is useless. You start out broke in GTA Online. You either have to take on missions to earn money in-game, or give Rockstar real money for GTA$. Yup, there are optional microtransactions and, even though it will be easy to make money, I’m sure plenty of people will pay Rockstar to get rich quick.

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