We’re gonna need a bigger PS4 if games are like “50 GB” Killzone: Shadowfall

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ps4 killzone shadowfall
Can I get a, “Holy shnikes?” Because I have some crazy news for you. Killzone: Shadow Fall , one of the PS4‘s launch games, is going to be 50GB. If you decide to download this game to your new, PS4’s 500GB hard drive, it’s going to take up one tenth of the total space.

Actually, it’ll probably be a little bit more than that, because you know a 500GB hard drive never gives you the full 500GB. Some of it’s going to be used for the PS4’s firmware, so it’s probably going to be more like 50GB sapped out of 490-something GB. It’s going to be a huge chunk. Which should lead to some genuine concerns for anyone looking to purchase a PS4.

There are going to be some serious space issues. When Sony revealed the PS4 would have a 500GB hard drive at launch, it seemed like all the space a gamer would ever need. After all, people with 250GB hard drives are getting by with the PS3. It wouldn’t be reasonable to assume that double that space would be just enough. But, if every game follows along Killzone: Shadowfall‘s lines, it’ll only be about 8 downloaded, retail games before there’s no more room at the inn.

This isn’t terrible news. Sony has already confirmed that the PS4 will be like the PS3 and allow people to swap out hard drives, but it isn’t something you should have to start considering immediately after the system launches. It’s an issue that shouldn’t come up until a console is at least a year old. People shouldn’t be pricing 1TB and 2TB internet hard drives for a system that just cost them $400.

Especially since they can’t just go and connect an external hard drive they already own. Look around your room. I’m sure there’s at least a 1TB hard drive lying around. External drives are affordable and practical, and even my almost 70 year old aunt has one. While Nintendo and Microsoft allow Wii U and Xbox One owners to connect an external and install games to it, Sony is sticking to internal HD upgrades only, meaning people have to go out and buy an extra one.

Still, space isn’t the real problem. This is going to put a serious halt to the idea of an all-digital future. Let’s be frank. There are some areas in the United States where the internet service isn’t good and strong enough for people to use Netflix. There are areas where it can take half a day or more for a 5GB PS3 game to download. Even with the ability to play a game as it’s downloading, there are people who just aren’t going to be able to handle a 50GB PS4 game download.

Given that Killzone: Shadowfall is a launch game, that means that this is only the start of massive, downloadable games. This is just what Guerrilla Games was able to come up with for the PS4’s launch. Imagine the kinds of graphically intense titles we’ll see two or three years from now. Maybe even 10 years from now, if the PS4 mimicks the PS2’s lifespan. 50GB is only the beginning.

A 50GB downloadable game install isn’t going to be a dealbreaker for any prospective console owner. If people want a game enough, they’re going to put up with the hoops they have to jump through to play it. If that means sticking to physical copies, or upgrading a hard drive a few times, then so be it. It’s just discouraging to know before a console is even released that its 500GB hard drive and your current internet speeds aren’t going to be enough to keep up with the digital download future.

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  • FutureGuy

    Well… there’s the BD too, so why you have to worry about buying the digital? And even in that case, it’s nice to know that Sony offers the chance to upgrade your HDD as you please. I think i’ll face this “problem” when (if) Sony puts KZ:SF on Plus. Imagine that even in that moment, it won’t be a problem at all for me.

  • Moe

    1stly, games cannot be more than 50gb as thats the size of the blu ray disk. Also ud need to get a big external hardrive to download 50gb or else ur flash disk will be full by 1 game if uv got 64gb. Internal hdd are cheaper and work faster than usb 2 hdd.

  • Jon

    Yeah, as FutureGuy noted. The 50GB Killzone is only supposed to be if you get it as a digital download purchase.

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