Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies has DLC

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phoenix wright 5 costume pack
This was going to be an ordinary news story about how the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies demo is now in the 3DS eShop and everyone should go and play it. (It is, by the way, and you should.) Except then I learned something that seemed like a much bigger deal. Did you know that Capcom has actually found a way to cram DLC into Phoenix Wright? Yes, a visual novel adventure actually has paid add-ons.

Excuse me. This calls for a slow clap.

Kudos, Capcom, for managing to cram DLC into a kind of game that would normally never, ever need DLC.

Even more astonishing is, the first Phoenix Wright DLC add-on makes no sense. It’s a costume pack. Because you know when you’re playing a visual novel, you’re concerned about the way characters dress. (Okay, some of you are, but that’s for a different kind of visual novel.) The first add-on will include costumes for Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena. It’s free from October 24-November 7, 2013, but after the end date the price jumps to $0.99.

The rest of the Phoenix Wright paid add-ons are cases. Yes, while the original GBA and DS Phoenix Wright games tended to have a free, surprise case at the end of the adventure, the 3DS version’s bonus case will cost you. We don’t know how much though, as Capcom hasn’t priced Turnabout Reclaimed yet, but I’m going to guess it’ll be at least $3.99.

I’m planning on getting Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, but I won’t be grabbing any of the DLC. Even though that costume pack will be free when I download my copy, I’m not going to go for it. I figure if I download it, even when it won’t cost me anything, it’ll be showing Capcom that this is something people would want. And I don’t want Capcom thinking every possible game needs DLC.

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  • Brian

    This article is absolutely ridiculous. Think the extra costumes are frivolous? Then don’t buy them. I don’t get why you have to be opposed to something simply because you aren’t interested in it.

    As for the DLC case, it’s an extra case. You try to make it sound like a “bonus” case is commonplace and it was removed to be added as DLC. You state “the original GBA and DS Phoenix Wright games tended to have a free, surprise case at the end of the adventure,” but that’s simply not true. Ace Attorney 5 follows the same 5-case structure as 3 and 4. The one and only game to have a bonus case is Ace Attorney 1 for Nintendo DS – and that was added as part of it being re-released for DS in Japan.

    In short, I really don’t know why you’re complaining about them making an extra sixth case and us getting it as DLC. If you were a real Ace Attorney fan, you should be excited about getting extra content.