The Charizard X announcement just made you want Pokemon X

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charizard x pokemon x
If it’s possible for one version of Pokemon to win over another, then Pokemon X just beat Pokemon Y with Charizard X. I know it sounds silly. You wouldn’t think that just one character could influence a gamer’s entire game purchase, but this is Pokemon we’re talking about. I bought Pokemon Red when I was a kid, because that was the version that allowed you to get Vulpix earlier. So you know there are a lot of people who are going to buy Pokemon X just because it has Charizard X.

Except now you probably don’t know what Charizard X is. Pokemon X and Y introduce Mega Evolutions. If a player has a special item, a pokemon can go through a Mega Evolution. In the case of Charizard, it can transform into Charizard X or Charizard Y if its trainer is holding Charizardite X or Y. The Charizard Mega Evolution we’ve been seeing for the last few weeks has been revealed to be Charizard Y, a bigger and badder looking version of the fire/flying type. Today, we learned Pokemon X gets the Mega Evolution Charizard seen above.

It’s arguably much better. Primarily because Charizard X is a fire/dragon type. Though, I suppose you could say he looks cooler with the blue and black color scheme too. But those who go more by ability than looks will realize that this variation could prove much stronger and more effective in battle.

I consulted a pokemon type calculator, which determines weaknesses based on natures, and a fire/dragon type pokemon is pretty awesome. Only ground, rock, and dragon type atttacks would be super effective, and fire, electric, grass, bug and steel type attacks would do barely any damage at all. It completely eradicates the dragon type’s ice weakness, which is a bonus too. Unfortunately, the calculator I used didn’t have the new fairy type factored in, so that’s probably another super-effective notch against Charizard X.

But more importantly, Charizard X just looks really, super cool. I was already planning on getting Pokemon X, so it didn’t change my mind there, but now I will be starting with Charmander instead of Squirtle. Has Charizard X changed your mind about which 3DS Pokemon game you’ll buy?

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  1. Y is much better
    I mean it just still looks a bit like the old charizard and looks stronger to me
    This charizard x has completely other colors and his wings look so stupid!!
    Im glad I already wanted y cause now I am going to pre-order it for sure!!!

    joris welling
  2. I was already getting x but this really makes me want the game even more. I like the attack boost and its new look whereas charizard y just had some extra spikes. It doesn’t look like charizard though. I’m really excited for x, simply said i just picked one and i’m sticking with it.

  3. I was originally going to choose Pokemon Y because I liked Yveltal looked cooler than Xerneas. But now that Charizard X has appeared, I’m definitely leaning on Pokemon X now. I don’t care about Yveltal anymore, I’d rather have Charizard X any day! The blue fire is seriously cool, the combination of black and blue is really great as well!

    I’m still really curious about the other two X evolutions though! There has to be an X evolution for Blastoise and Venusaur, right? It wouldn’t make any sense not to have one. But still, I was going to choose Charizard before the X version was released, because Charizard is one of my all-time favorites, and always will be!

    Abbi K
  4. Not really, cause Y has a better legendary. And for me, it’s not “which to buy?” it’s “which to buy first?”.

    • Good point. I’m almost considering eventually getting Y on sale, to make that copy my Nuzlocke Challenge one.

      Jenni Lada
  5. I got blastroise… xD