Mega Bloks Call of Duty Mountain Recon Review

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mountain recon

This Mega Bloks Call of Duty set is the second one that has a $9.99 price tag. The other is the Drone Attack which we reviewed earlier this week. Mountain Recon contains 62 piece which makes up the snowmobile and the single micro action figure. Out of the three sets I’ve assembled so far, I like this one the least. I think it’s priced a bit too high for what it offers. Granted, the Drone Attack only had 95 pieces, but I found the A.G.R. to be a more interesting build overall. The snowmobile is a bit plain.

The Snowmobile


The general shape of the snowmobile is made up of a large single piece that acts as the frame. If you put together smaller LEGO sets that included motorcycles, you already have a general idea of how this works. The bricks are assembled around the frame until it resembles the vehicle you see here. There are rubber treads on the underside of the snowmobile that gives it its mobility. The front features two skids that can be moved together or independently from each other. That’s all the action this vehicle offers. The only other thing worth mentioning about its design is its ability to hold two backpacks on the side of the back seat.

The Figure

mountain recon figure

The Mountain Recon set is the cheapest way to get an alpine ranger. He comes with the usual accessories such as a knife, customizable weapon, two white backpacks and some accessories to customize his weapon. I like how Mega Bloks added the black speckles to the figure’s pants. I assume they were going for a dirty look considering the soldier is riding on a snowmobile completely exposed. It makes sense his legs would be dirtier than his upper body. I also like the silver visor that’s built into his helmet. The paint is well done and doesn’t bleed onto other parts of the head piece.

The figure’s articulation is also fantastic. Then again, that’s what I’ve said (and will continue to say) about all these Mega Bloks Call of Duty figures.

mountain recon pair

Considering the snowmobile isn’t all that great, I think this set is the least desirable of the lot. If you really want the alpine ranger, I recommend waiting for the Alpine Rangers Care Package set that includes five soldiers for $14.99.

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