You can’t unsee Pokemon Origins’ Charmander and Squirtle battle

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pokemon origins charmander squirtle battle
Pokemon Origins is the new Pokemon anime adaptation. The four episodes just ran in Japan and while it’s really good, it’s not like the happy-go-lucky, standard Pokemon series. No, its roots are in the original Pokemon Red and Green games, and is darker and grittier. Basically, it’s like a tamer version of the Pokemon manga. Which means there are scenes that are totally going to make your childhood self step back and gasp.

Naturally, these Pokemon Origins clips have hit the internet. One in particular is causing quite a sensation. It isn’t horribly graphic, but it does make you stop and say, “Wait, is that what actually happens when I order a pokemon to use Bite on its opponent?”

I’ve said too much. Here. This is the Pokemon Origins clip, featuring the scream heard ’round the internet. If Charmander is your favorite starter, well, you may want to have a tissue handy. Oh, and don’t have the volume up too high, if you’re at work. This scream’ll get some stares.

That scene almost made me tear up a little. Poor, poor Charmander. Especially seeing the little flame at the tip of its tail start to go out? Great way to start a morning. Watch a Squirtle go for Charmander’s throat. I’d hate to see what a super effective move would have looked like in action. I don’t think my heart could take that.

The Pokemon Origins anime will be streaming in English in November, via the free, Android and iOS Pokemon TV app. I’m sure a lot of people will tune in again, just to see what happens after this scene. Given that Red goes on to become the Pokemon Master in the original games, it’s got to have a happy ending. Go be the best, Red!

Source [GoNintendo]

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  • Ha.

    Heh,I laugh at all of the people who think this is gruesome.
    Y’All haven’t seen the manga have ya?