OMG, NimbleBit made a Tiny Tower Star Wars game

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Tiny Death Star We can file this one under the “I can’t believe that did that” category. Disney Interactive announced on Friday that it partnered with NimbleBit to create Star Wars: Tony Death Star for smartphones and tablets. The premise will be similar to Tiny Tower, but it’ll be filled with pixel versions of Star Wars characters. In this game, Vader and Palpatine would rather be business tycoons rather than galactic conquerors. 

If you played Tiny Tower, you already know what to expect. You’re building up a new Death Star, but it’ll be based on commerce. You’ll start up businesses in an attempt to attract people across the galaxy. They’ll spend money while visiting the Death Star which you can use to fund more businesses and keep items in stock.

We don’t know exactly when Star Wars: Tiny Death Star will be released, but Disney says the worldwide launch is soon.

Source [Disney Interactive]

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