GamerTell Cast #42: Rune Factory, Marvel and garage sales

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Rune Factory 4

On this episode of the GamerTell Cast, Jenni talks all about Rune Factory 4 and why it’s so fun. She also does a good job of convincing me to give it a shot. She also tells us about her most recent garage sale haul that resulted in a bunch of games and movies for a ridiculously low price. Yes, I’m jealous. On the flip side, I try to explain why Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign has me so captivated, and my first experiences with GTA Online. We talk about plenty of other things in this episode, but I’m not going to spoil it all here. It’s all laid out for your listening enjoyment.

Music Credit: Another beek beep beer please (Rolemusic) / CC BY 3.0

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