Goodbye NeoGeo X Gold

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neogeo x gold
Did you buy a NeoGeo X Gold? Congratulations, you now own a collector’s item. Things have happened. Bonds have been broken. SNK Playmore and TOMMO Inc’s partnership has been shattered, and the NeoGeo X Gold will suffer in the process.

We don’t know exactly what happened. SNK Playmore just put out a statement saying that the License and Distribution Agreement it had with TOMMO has been terminated, and there will be no more NeoGeo X Gold systems or cartridges as a result. Which means people can expect to see demand for the system to rise, which means it’s about to get a lot more expensive.

This means that a handful of NeoGeo X Gold related items will be removed from stores and never be made again. The following are the items you may want to grab now, while you can.

  • NeoGeo X Gold Limited
  • NeoGeo X Mega Pack Volume 1
  • NeoGeo X Classics Volume 1
  • NeoGeo X Classics Volume 2
  • NeoGeo X Classics Volume 3
  • NeoGeo X Classics Volume 4
  • NeoGeo X Classics Volume 5
  • SNK NeoGeo X Arcade Stick

It’s a shame that this console had to come to an end. Especially since it only debuted back on December 18, 2012. It isn’t even a year old. I suppose SNK Playmore had its reasons for ending the deal. Based on the Amazon reviews, it seems like there were quite a few flaws with the system. By the way, both Amazon and GameStop have listings for the $199.99 system, so if you want one, hurry up.

Read [SNK Playmore] Via [Retro Game Network]

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