Pokemon X and Y need more chicken – download Torchic

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torchic pokemon x yCatching ’em all is going to be a little easier in Pokemon X and Y . At least, if Nintendo decides to just start doling out the pokemon. Don’t laugh, as the second your adventures begin on October 12, 2013, Nintendo will give you an extra special pal. Yes, there is a launch day gift of Torchic. He’s finger-licking good.

No, really, this Pokemon X and Y Torchic will be a great boon to your team. Once you connect your 3DS to the internet, you can connect to the Nintendo Network from any place with WiFi to download this little fire chicken to your team. He’ll arrive at level 10, about the same level as your other starters, and will know Ember, Focus Energy, Growl and Scratch.

But wait, there’s more! (Tacky, I know. I couldn’t resist.) This Torchic is special because he has the Speed Boost Hidden Ability. No wild Torchics in Pokemon X and Y will know Speed Boost. You can only get one with it if you download him. It’s a great boon for a pokemon that will turn into a fire/fighting type, because his speed will increase after every turn. Not to mention, you’ll also eventually be able to Mega Evolve him into Blazikenite.

There’s only one hitch to this gift. It may make you rethink your Pokemon X and Y starter. I was going to go with Fennekin, because it’s adorable. But then, I saw how the X version’s Mega Evolution of Charizard looks. I figured I’d get Charmander and Fennekin, and just deal with two fire starters. But now, this Torchic messes things up. I may have to go with Froake instead. Thoughts?

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  • Alex

    Why not use the pokemon bank system you can get all the kalos and kanto starters that’s what I’m going to do