Gaming’s Most Memorable Hispanic Characters: Eddie Guerrero

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Eddie GuerreroAmerica observes National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 – October 15. It’s a time to reflect on the cultural contributions from millions of citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. GamerTell thought it would be a perfect opportunity to look at some of the notable Hispanic characters in some of our favorite games.

Our hobby tells thousands of stories over the course of a single calendar year. As it grows more diverse, so do the tales it tells. Obviously we can’t discuss these characters without spilling some story details, so these features will be spoiler heavy.

Video games often feature sports heroes and superheroes. Professional wrestling characters are a hybrid of the two. While the action between the ropes may be scripted, there’s no denying the incredible athletic feats of the performers. The WWE Universe already knows what I’m talking about, which is why its games are annual bestsellers. WWE 2K14 will honor some of the greatest wrestlers to ever step into the squared circle. Among them is the man known as “Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero.

Because of the elaborate storylines in pro wrestling, the best performers are both athletically gifted and extremely charismatic. Few grapplers have combined this skill set better than Guerrero. His career path took him from Mexico to ECW, WCW and finally WWE before his tragic death in 2005. Because wrestling promotions are very prolific with their video games,  he has appeared in more than 20.  Note, that list includes games in which Guerrero appeared as Black Tiger.

Eddie was entertaining to watch whether he was wrestling heel or face. His character often combined the two, tricking the referee into thinking an opponent had pulled an underhanded trick. He was winking at the camera and coming dangerously close to breaking the fourth wall. Wrestling fans loved him for it.

As part of a talented group of luchadors in WCW, Guerrero brought the high flying style to American audiences who hadn’t seen anything quite like it before. WCW’s acquisition of established names such as Hulk Hogan undoubtedly fueled its rise, but the work of the cruiserweights often made for the Monday Nitro’s best television.

He was a larger than life personality, so perhaps no game captured him better than the arcade style WWE All-Stars. The game contained a fantasy matchup mode pitting legendary superstars against current WWE wrestlers. Many of the legends included have been retired or deceased for years, so the majority of the fantasy matchups were contests we never got to see.  Guerrero’s popularity has already gained him iconic status. So THQ had Eddie battle longtime friend and sometimes rival Rey Mysterio Jr. Every time these two were in the ring together, it was pure magic. Due to Guerrero’s death, now video games and classic wrestling compilations are the only places we can see it.

Lots of fans are lamenting that none of his matches appear in the greatest Wrestlemania matches selected for WWE 2K14. I suspect that’s not an oversight, but a desire not to use all WWE’s best matches in a single game. 2K Sports always does an excellent job with legacy modes, so I’m betting we’ll see some of Eddie’s classics in future games.


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