GOG giving Government Shutdown Promo game pack to furloughed employees

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tropico reloaded government shutdownAre you temporarily out of work due to the government shutdown? GOG is here for you. That’s Good Old Games, in case you’ve never heard the name before. The site specializes in good, old, computer games, and is in the habit of holding sales whenever possible. Which is what’s going on right now. Actually, the site is going a step further, because some people are even getting these games for free.

We gamers have been joking about the government shutdown ever since it started, with many of us saying we would have better equipped to handle and avoid it due to our gaming experience. GOG is giving us a chance to prove it with a Government Shutdown Promo. All day today, October 9, 2013, seven simulation games are 50% off.

The Government Shutdown Promo games are:

  • Capitalism Plus (Windows) – $2.99
  • Capitalism 2 (Windows) – $4.99
  • The Guild Gold Edition (Windows) – $4.99
  • Redneck Rampage Collection (Windows) – $2.99
  • Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri (Windows, Mac) – $2.99
  • Theme Hospital (Windows, Mac) – $2.99
  • Tropico Reloaded (Windows) – $2.99

But you’re probably wondering where the free games are. Here’s the deal. If someone is a furloughed, government employee who currently has nothing to do, thanks to the government shutdown, GOG wants to give him or her all seven games for free. All they have to do is take a picture of yourself holding your furlough letter. You then email that GOG’s email address by October 11, 2013. GOG will then give you the games.

If you’re not a government employee, then this is just a good time to get Alpha Centauri and Tropico Reloaded. Those are the two games in the bunch I’ve played, and can wholeheartedly recommend. If you are, then hurry up and take a selfie so you can get your free games!

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