Trick or treat with Costume Quest on iOS

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One of my favorite, Halloween video games isn’t even scary. It’s Double Fine’s charming Costume Quest, a RPG about facing off against evil, while also trying to find a lost sibling, transform into awesome creatures, and maybe get a little bit of candy. It was a game I had to get on my PS3, when it was first released, and somewhere along the way I picked up a PC copy as well. (I suspect a Humble Bundle was responsible.) I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, and has thus ended up double dipping on the game. Except now, with a new announcement, some may decide to go back for thirds.

Costume Quest is now on iTunes. Which means iPhone and iPad owners can go ahead and do some virtual trick or treating on the go, for $4.99. Of course, what that really means is probably some adult chaperones of kids’ events will end up playing Costume Quest while the watch over parties, take kids trick or treating, or engage in other Halloween activities. I forsee at least one instance where adults are judging a costume contest, and really playing this game instead of making informed designs on a winner.

The iOS port of Costume Quest should be identical to the game you experienced on your console or computer. The only difference is newly added touch screen controls. Even the Grubbins on Ice DLC is available, if youre willing to kick in an extra $1.99. I can’t guarantee its identical though, as I only have an Android tablet. If it comes to Google Play, I’ll let you know.

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