Hispanic Heritage Month: Nick Ramos slides into Dead Rising 3 driver’s seat

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DEAD_RISING_3_thumbAmerica observes National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 – October 15. It’s a time to reflect on the cultural contributions from millions of citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. GamerTell thought it would be a perfect opportunity to look at the notable Hispanic characters in some of our favorite games.

Dead Rising 3 does not release until November, but its promotional campaign is already in full swing. Game designers are realizing that gamers are a diverse group and that our heroes should reflect that. Call of Duty: Ghosts will allow players to customize their gender and race for the first time. Dead Rising has featured a diverse and memorable cast of characters. But the protagonists in these bestsellers, like in so many other games, have been white males until now.

The third installment in the franchise won’t feature either Frank West or Chuck Greene, but Nick Ramos. He’s a mechanic in Los Perdidos, a fictional version of Los Angeles. His gig is a high profile one. Ramos isn’t just the new face of a bestselling game series, he’ll be one of the most visible characters during the Xbox One launch November 22. He’s currently appearing in primetime commercials just like video game legends such as Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog.

This latest adventure is changing many things about Dead Rising. Players will no longer have an in-game clock forcing them to move at a certain pace. Los Perdidos will be bigger than any of the previous cities, so designers are giving us the freedom to explore it. Also, you will no longer need to find a workbench to construct the game’s various combo weapons. Nick’s mechanical skills serve him well, and he can make weapons on the fly. That’s not all he can do. Ramos can combine vehicles, such as the RollerHawg. It comes from parts of a steamroller and motorcycle and has flamethrower attachments. This guy is an artist at killing zombies, and Los Perdidos will offer him a huge canvas.

Marvel is releasing a digital comic that will allow us to learn more about Nick Ramos and the events putting him at the center of this zombie outbreak.


As the latest sequel in an already popular franchise, millions of eyes will be glued to Dead Rising 3 this fall. Previous heroes in the series such as Frank West have found their way into other games. West appears in crossovers with the Dead Rising 2 characters and of course, as a character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Dead Rising 2’s Chuck Greene will have an outfit of his featured in the Day One Edition of Dead Rising 3, as will West. While we don’t know a whole lot about Nick Ramos now, if Dead Rising 3 sells well we’re sure to see more of him.





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