Pokemon X Diary Entry 1: Getting Started and Catching a “Shiny”

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Pokemon X is quite a trip, I assure you. I’ve played every Pokemon installment, even the spinoffs, and this entry has lured me in more than any other. I’ve been playing the game since 11:40pm CST, October 11, 2013, and I figured it may be helpful to offer a little insight into my first few hours of play.

So, I took notes to create something of a Pokemon X diary. Granted, you’ll be reading about my adventures a few days after I experienced them, but it should provide a good idea of what to expect should you pick up Pokemon X or Y too.

With that, let’s begin the Pokemon X Diary!

pokemon x y jrpg

Day 1: Friday, October 11, 2013, around 11:40pm CST

My Pokemon X adventure actually began almost an hour before the “official” launch. You all know how Nintendo is. It means I got to eagerly watch as the game downloaded onto my 3DS a bit before anyone else.

I was actually surprised at the eShop performance. Animal Crossing: New Leaf was about a 2GB game, and it took me around an hour and a half, maybe even two hours, to download it. I blame the strain on the system, since everyone wanted it. From what I’ve heard, Pokemon X is about 1.7GB, and yet it only took me about half an hour. Kudos to Nintendo, for being ready to anticipate the server overload.

From there, it was time to actually start Pokemon X. It began as they all do, with a formal professor introducing me to the world of Pokemon, while also asking who I was. I was pleased to see the character customization available right off, and chose the middle female trainer with brownish hair, black eyes, and a medium skin-tone.

With my decisions made, I woke up in a house. As usual, I was on the second floor. However, it looked better than usual. I say it’s the 3D, because it made everything look more natural. In addition, I could sit on my bed or at my desk, which seemed huge at the time. I even recall saying aloud, “I can sit!” My cat gave me a look that said, “Big deal. You’re always sitting.”

As I walked downstairs, another house layout breakthrough pleased me. My mother actually had her own room and bed. I didn’t have to worry that she spent her entire life, sleeping and sitting at a table. Good for her! Actually, it turns out she’s a famous Rhyhorn racer, so it’s nice to know she’ll have something to keep her occupied while I’m away. Stave off those constant phone calls. Not to mention, it meant I could see the riding aspects of Pokemon X early on, by hopping on the pet Rhyhorn lounging in the front yard.

Outside, I met my first two friends/rivals. Calum and Shauna are the other kids from Vaniville, my now hometown. Professor Sycamore, Kalos’ resident Pokemon Professor, is recruiting a team of kids to help him with his research and, because my mom’s famous, I apparently made the cut. We took a short jaunt to Aquacorde Town to meet with Tierno and Trevor, two kids already hand-picked by the professor, to receive our first Pokemon.

So, after a quick walk, I’m in another, slightly larger, town. There are a few more shops, most of them related to Pokemon supplies, and the group of teens are sitting around a table, talking. The professor of course trusted them with our new Pokemon, and it’s time to pick.

Since Pokemon X and Y are practically forcing fire types on us, I decided not to go with the Fennekin I “wanted.” My pokemon teams tend to be grass-type heavy, water-type flooded, Eevee-infested, or just plain full of cute critters. The only time I’ve ever had fire types on board was when I wanted to use a Flareon or Nine Tails. So, I had to pass. Instead, I went with Froake. Maybe I’ll eventually become a “water” trainer. Who knows. The idea of eventually owning a ninja frog pleased me, so I rolled with it.

After that was a little busy-work. I had the typical battle against my rival, Calum. Told my mom I was heading off into the world alone. Battled some level 2 and 3 Pokemon that I would never want to own. You know the drill.

It was when I reached Santalune Forest around 12:40am that things got interesting. See, I only intended to play Pokemon X for an hour. I was getting ready to wrap up. I figured I’d do some quick battling here, see what Pokemon were around, and then save and head to bed. I was liking this first area a lot, since Shauna was trailing behind me, always offering to heal my pokemon, making early leveling a breeze.

pokemon x shiny scatterbugThen, I saw a shiny Scatterbug.

I hate bug type Pokemon. I think some are cute, but I never go for them. They just never impressed me. I saw the Scatterbugs and Weedles I was encountering as fodder for leveling up my new Fletchling.

But, I’d never, ever encountered and caught a wild, Shiny Pokemon before. I couldn’t pass this one by. So, I caught her. And then decided I had to keep playing Pokemon X for another half hour to get her up to level 10, like the rest of my party. And then, I had to keep playing for another half hour, because I caught a Pikachu and I had to help him catch up as well. I carelessly forgot to take a picture of her royal Shininess in her base form, but I included a picture from the Pokedex.

My verdict after the first few hours is that Pokemon X is incredible, but also quite exhausting.


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