NYCC 2013: Batman Arkham Origins will be on Android and iOS too

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batman arkham origins ios android
The 2013 New York Comic Con has come and gone, but the game announcements from it still go on. One of which happens to be Batman Arkham Origins for Android and iOS devices. Yes, there will be stripped down, slightly different version of the tale for mobile devices. It won’t be as impressive or expansive, but will offer a fix for people who need Batman with them at all times.

Batman Arkham Origins‘s portable incarnation was only just revealed at NYCC 2013, but it shouldn’t be any big surprise. Most major Batman console games get a portable tie-in. The thing is, this one won’t be released simultaneously with its console counterparts. The iOS incarnation is supposed to be released in late October, maybe early November at the latest. The Android version, however, has a Holiday 2013 release window. Which probably means December.

That’s okay though, because it’s not like Batman Arkham Origins is story-centric or crucial. It’s more of a linear, battle experience. Specific gameplay details aren’t available, but a trailer was released in honor of NYCC 2013.

As you can see, it’s mainly about fighting bad guys over, and over, and over. Most are nameless mooks, but occasionally you will get fights against famous guys like Deathstroke. There are also going to be lots of different suits, which will make Batman look a bit cooler as you play.

So just keep in mind that later this year, you’ll be able to be Batman everywhere. Batman Arkham Origins will follow you absolutely everywhere, whether you like it or not. You can grab the console version for your PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii U starting October 25, 2013. Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate will also be out on the 3DS and Vita on the same day. I wonder if this is going to influence the number of people dressing up as Batman on Halloween.

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