Smash Bandits removes the controversial jailing system due to complaints

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Smash Bandits halloweenSmash Bandits is a fun game for quick sessions, but it fell victim to the dreaded timer system many free-to-play games have implemented. You see, you could only play a handful of rounds before your wanted meter filled up. A full meter meant you’d have to spend time in jail until you bought your freedom, or waited for the timer to expire. This decision by Hutch was not well received by players. Therefore, the jail system has been removed from Smash Bandits in the latest Halloween-themed update.

Instead of being unable to play when the wanted meter fills, you’ll be pursued by “Bandit Chasing Super Cars” until the timer expires. So while you can continue to run amok to your heart’s content, you’ll be hounded by super fast cars from the Agency for around 20 minutes. I didn’t have a really hard time dealing with them. I found they smash just as easily as regular police cars. If they prove to be too much for you, you can spend a couple of those green chips to get them off your back.

This update update sprinkles smashable pumpkins throughout the level. If you smash 5,000 pumpkins, you can acquire a special Halloween-themed Hotrod. Of course, you can buy the car outright for $4.99.


Download Link [Smash Bandits]

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